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CruiserStratiosCitadel 1.0

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Jarrec Caldari
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Jarrec Caldari


Turret hardpoints0 / 4

Launcher hardpoints0 / 0

+29.1 GJ/s

CPU32.5 left
93.5 %

Powergrid51 left
95.57 %

Calibration (upgrade capacity)0 left
100 %

Offense668 dps


Defense Uniform25k ehp480 dps480 dps

EM resistanceThermal resistanceKinetic resistanceExplosive resistance
Structure (hull)3.06k

Shield boostBurstable tank448.4
Sustainable tank448.4

Passive shield recharge28.6

Targeting10 targets, 68.8 km

Magnetometric sensor strength10 targets
24 points

Targeting68.8 km
344 mm

Signature radius150 m


leech14.4 GJ/s

MasteryAll V

No missing skills (using All V).

Miscellaneous3.85b ISK

Estimated price:
  • 195m ISKship:
  • 2.12b ISKfitting:
  • 1.53b ISKimplants:

Cargo capacity:550 m³
Drone capacity:400 m³

Drone control range:60 km

High slots5 / 5

  • Covert Ops Cloaking Device IIactive
  • Sisters Core Probe Launcher,
    Core Scanner Probe I
  • Auto Targeting System IIactive
  • Imperial Navy Medium Energy Nosferatuactive12+6k
  • Imperial Navy Medium Energy Nosferatuactive12+6k

Medium slots5 / 5

  • 100MN Analog Booster Afterburneractive
  • Medium Capacitor Booster II,
    Navy Cap Booster 4003
  • Pithum A-Type Medium Shield Boosteractive
  • Gistum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Fieldactive
  • Gistum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Fieldactive

Low slots5 / 5

  • Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifieronline
  • Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifieronline
  • Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifieronline
  • Capacitor Flux Coil IIonline
  • Shadow Serpentis Damage Controlonline

Rig slots3 / 3

  • Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
  • Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
  • Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

Drones in space4 / 595 / 100 Mbps

  • 'Augmented' Hammerhead5.3+3k
  • 'Augmented' Ogre5.3+5k
  • Gecko6+5k

Drones in bay120 / 400 m³

  • Garde II


  • High-grade Crystal Alphaimplant slot 1
  • High-grade Crystal Betaimplant slot 2
  • High-grade Crystal Gammaimplant slot 3
  • High-grade Crystal Deltaimplant slot 4
  • Mid-grade Crystal Epsilonimplant slot 5
  • Mid-grade Crystal Omegaimplant slot 6
  • Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-805implant slot 8
  • Zainou 'Gnome' Shield Operation SP-905implant slot 9

Fitting description

This is not a cheap fit, and it requires a lot of level 5 skills to work/be effective (this is built around a character with 34M SP).

Goals of this fit:

-Decent DPS and active tank

-Cap stable while running all modules WITHOUT using boosters and WITHOUT Nos. The boosters are only for emergencies.


Main goal is to be cap stable with all active-tank modules running against up to 3 Medium neuts of pressure.

Against 1 Medium Neut Pressure: Cap stable at 35% with both Nosferatus running and all modules active. No cap boosters needed.

Against 2 Medium Neut Pressure: Cap stable at 19% with both Nosferatus running, AB and auto-target module disabled, no cap boosters needed. The benefit of this is that AB can be activated at will to burn your cap and keep your Nosferatu counter pressure going.

Against 3 Medium Neut Pressure: If your opponent is running 3 neuts then they are likely using cap boosters to keep from running themselves dry - luckily you have counter pressure and your own cap boosters to keep yourself going. With all modules active + cap boosters + both Nos running you are cap stable at 15%. If your opponent gets beneath 15% cap they will likely use their own booster and your 2 Nos will be waiting to gobble their higher cap percentage up. With auto-target module disabled you are cap stable at 22%. With auto-target and AB disabled you are cap stable at 41%.

Against 4 Neut Pressure: Disabling AB and auto-target you can keep yourself stable by managing your shield booster, keeping up an average of 420 ehp/s with good management and boosters.

The auto-targetting module is used mainly for PvE and holding aggro from drones - you can replace the AT module + 1 Nos for 2 Neuts if you also switch the cap flux coil for a power diag. Not sure how this affects your cap stability.

You can win most fights with buffer tanks by attrition, usually pvp buffer-tank fits sacrifice DPS. Even if they Against something like a Tengu you won't be able to break their active tank unless they cap themselves out, but you probably won't die either. Buys you enough time to call in some friends or hope that they give up.

Empty description.

Empty description.

Empty description.


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